Well I am a mother of two (first time blogger) whom I extremely adore and very protective of. When I am pulling my hair out as I chase my one year old with a diaper my nine-year old screaming he hates me because of homework while our home is a disaster. It is apparent to me that alcohol and popping pills is not ideal….so I need a place to come and vent, trash, share my ideas, hopes and dreams of a goodnight sleep.

I am passionate about writing it is my gateway through poems, short stories, or even an article. It has been awhile so bear with me as I try to get my sea legs back. I love to laugh and making others laugh I find sometimes a sense a humor through this life helps a lot. What else…what else… Oh I NEVER EVER used Frost Wire to download music and got 200 viruses…NEVER!

I am a lady first and always who at times can swear like a drunken sailor, I make bad decisions and awkward situations once in a while. Getting back to old school music, no longer want to ride or die. I don’t know where my patience or memory went I’m pretty sure I have OCD on certain things. I’m getting older now and it scares the shit out of me got a few gray hairs to prove how scared I am. I must have a million of things on the go or it just doesn’t work, reached serious levels of writer’s block on the novel I am currently trying to write. I try my best to be a good person including the people around me keeping positive is a mountain I try my hardest to climb.

I encourage you to feel free to share and talk with me on my blog love to read your opinions and views also. When the world has got you down to your knees, the bills are piling up, the car won’t start, your Botox didn’t quite work out, you have a pimple that has decided to go against your face and build an army, when you pour a bowl of cereal ready to eat those lucky charms you open the fridge and there is no milk, you are late for work and your boss is an ass, you don’t have time to make a hundred cupcakes for your child bake sale and there is not enough Xanax in the world for you to do so, you think that your neighbor is hiding someone in the basement…by all means call 911!!! You have gone through a tremendous day somehow you step on dog shit you come here to J’s Daily Dose Of Rice And Peas I want this blog to be a feel-good place for you when at times all things are a big FAIL!! Or just come with your happy selves.